Jan 25, 2011
LessThan3 @ Wobbleland 2011
Mikey B feat Datsik - Streetfighter
Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Jakwob Remix)

With a lineup with names like Datsik, 12th Planet, Nero, and Skrillex, San Francisco’s popular Wobbleland party basically guaranteed it was going to be a success, but neither you, nor I, nor promoters VitalSC, nor perhaps even the artists themselves could have imagined what kind of sheer destruction it would be. A massive dubstep zombie army flanked the crowd on all sides, warping every victim in there into grimy, wobbling slaves.

Good god.

Before we even talk about the sets let talk about this venue, The Factory. This spot just screams awesome. It has a great internal design that can accomodate a large crowd and since VitalSC made the wise decision of not overselling the crap out of the party, there was just enough space to keep people flowing around without too much pain. Each room had a sweet light setup that was quite fitting for the kind of music that was blasting out of the superb sound system. The overall quality and production of the event was impressive and will go down in history for everyone involved as a trophy-event.

Now for the music. The one distinctly sucky part of the night was having to make decisions about who to see. Datsik was on during 12th Planet and Skrillex and Nero were also on simultaneously. Argh! I did my best to get around but it’s hard to find motivation to move when the entire dancefloor is getting filthy to the bass wobs. My personal ‘best of the night’ award goes to 12th Planet, who really tore the entire place to smithereens. Dropping bomb after bomb, the man had me looking around the place for some shelter just in case one hit too hard. I was a little miffed overall at all the MCing that was going on toward the end of his set and into Skrillex, but that really didnt matter at all in the scheme of things.

So you might be thinking, “What? Skrillex wasn’t #1?” Well, sadly, no. Though he did put out a solid set, including dropping two brand new tracks (one of which is absolutely massive), in general I thought his set was a little too experimental. That said though, given that Skrillex has been rocket-launched into stardom, it’s totally normal for him to be growing into his DJing style. On a related tangent, I sometimes worry a little bit that he could teeter a bit too close to depending on random noises sampled in the style he is used to automatically guarantee great hits. So far he hasn’t disappointed, so until that happens I am very much a strong supporter! Anyway, the set kept the dancefloor filled and everyone was getting down and dirty, as I more than expected. It was also thrilling to see 12th Planet and Skrillex and all the other artists back there supporting each other.

Datsik’s set was also fat and dank, and it seemed that I was not alone in the frustration of not being able to be in two places at once. Several other notables were some of the earlier acts, including Filthy Beaver who was actually throwing down a pretty blowout set, ranging from hip hop to some more melodic dubsteppy tunes. Jakwob also added a different dimension to the show with his more chilled out and musical take on the dubstep genre. All in all, everyone came to the show with their A-game, ready to blow the crowd away.

So you might have caught on to the fact that I missed Nero, which I am deeply upset about. Hit up the comments to let us know how they were!