Apr 04, 2012
LessThan3 @ Psybient Soiree
Ott - Smoked Glass & Chrome (Original Mix) [Twisted]
Bird Of Prey - Walkabout (Original Mix) [Addictech]
Nadis Warriors - Cytokinesis (Original Mix)

What a weekend! LessThan3 just returned from The Psybient Soiree, one of a few Rock n Roll Resort productions to date. This was the fifth Rock n Roll Resort experience, so the company is still very much in its youth; still, one can see success stirring beneath the foundations of this festive experience, and we at LessThan3 are here to tell you why.

The Soiree took place at the beautiful Kutsher’s Country Club in the Catskill mountain range. Sitting on a vast expanse of land since 1907, the hotel looks like it was brought to the present in a time machine. The banquet halls and ballroom, though a little retro at first glance, actually turned out to be the perfect place to hold such an event. It was like a small, indoor Camp Bisco; amidst the sea of trippy carpet and wallpaper patterns, event-goers derived from the intimate communal atmosphere a profound sense of family.

Not only were the artists great onstage, but most of them became just another festival-goer in their down time, taking time to hang out with and talk to fans. By day, there were workshops, book signings, and meet and greets, yoga with a live DJ, a city of vendors, live glassblowing, and a catered meal plan. By night, and into the early morning, many of our favorite artists rocked the resort long past conventional bed times. Painter and visionary extraordinaires Alex and Allyson Grey graced the stage with their presence, complementing sets by Simon Posford and the eccentric, but undeniably amazing Ott, who dropped what was probably my favorite set of the event. The collaborative experience that was Soiree truly did bring together some of the best DJs, VJs, and artists in the scene (and beyond).

Lessthan3 locked interviews with Bird of Prey, Conspirator, The Nadis Warriors, Ott, and Alex and Allyson Grey. Every one of these visionaries whom I spoke to impressed me onstage and off. These are many of the people driving this scene from their hearts–they rally the cause, and the crowds answer. Speaking to them, you can see where a lot of their music comes from. From the fun-loving and party-inspiring Conspirator to the enigmatic Ott, the music reflects the personalities. I had never had such candid experiences with artists at an event as I had this past weekend. Look forward to our interviews from the event, and a photo album to boot!