Jan 19, 2013
LessThan3 Presents Milwaukee
Milwaukee - Alone (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Milwaukee - Alone (Amtrac Remix) [LessThan3]
Milwaukee - Alone (Keljet Remix) [LessThan3]
Milwaukee - Alone (FireFlowerz Remix) [LessThan3]

Milwaukee has made his debut LessThan3 release with a brand new single titled Alone. Joined by remixers Amtrac, Keljet & FireFlowerz, this EP is a diverse, groove-laden and well-rounded present for the soul. After our last electro & dubstep release by Shapes of Light, our musical palette has expanded with an indie-dance package that will not disappoint.

Milwaukee’s original mix sets the tone for the release with a deep, funky bassline and pads that introduce the melodic elements that the incoming vocal can dance on. The vocals are kept rightfully dry as they can easily stand on their own throughout the mix. The latter synth lines that sneak in fill up the top end of the spectrum and round off the mix perfectly. Amtrac takes the melody and puts together vocal harmonies that make this mix a unique and welcome addition to the release. Keljet drops the bpm a bit and uses warm and soothing tropical vibes for their remix, finishing off with a seldom seen and surprisingly fitting guitar solo. FireFlowerz take this mix to another level with stellar production value and a memorable bassline that had our speakers moving. The atmospheric sounds that appear when the bass drops in run circles around your head with the stereo effects added. This release has a little something for everyone.

You can pick up this release on Beatport as well as stay up to date with LessThan3 releases at our SoundCloud.