Jul 10, 2015
LessThan3 Presents: A Guide To Ibiza

With the summer season well and truly upon us, we’re very proud to present our exhaustive and definitive reading companion to the biggest, brightest, and best party destination in the entire world–this is the LessThan3 guide to Ibiza.

What Is Ibiza?

Ibiza - Aerial View

Of course, everyone who has so much as a vague relationship with dance music has heard of Ibiza, the Mecca of the music world and an island that leads to an almost religious affinity for all those who visit. If, however, you aren’t already familiar, Ibiza is the clubbing capital of the world, from the start of the summer season in June, through to the closing parties which wind up in late October. The island plays host to pretty much every well-known dance music DJ on the planet at some point over the summer–with plenty of not-so-well-known ones providing some stunning sets too. On top of the music, Ibiza is also the home of some of the world’s finest beaches, stunning scenery, amazing food, over 3000 years of history, and of course, those sunsets.

How To Get There

Ibiza - DC10

By Air
As Ibiza is an island, the obvious way to go is by plane. Ibiza Airport isn’t a destination for scheduled long-haul carriers, but plenty of connections are available from mainland Spain and indeed most of Europe. A massive host of budget European airlines fly regularly into Ibiza all summer, with flights from the likes of the UK or Germany costing as little as £30 if you play it right. Check Skyscanner.com for the best and latest offers.

By Sea
Ferries operate regularly between the island and cities on mainland Spain, mainly Barcelona, Valencia, and Denia. Trasmediterranea and Ferry Baleària are a good place to start.

By Car
The above ferry companies can also transport your car to Ibiza. Remember that if you’ve hired a car on the mainland, you might not be allowed to take it to the islands, so check before you travel. It’s also worth noting that drunk driving is not only incredibly stupid, but also carries very heavy penalties in Spain. The limit is also lower (0.05% blood alcohol content) than many other countries, and your personal limit depends on various factors–some people might be OK after two beers, some might be over the limit after just one, so it’s best not to risk it at all.

By Rail
If you’re Interrailing around Europe this summer, you can get ferry discounts with your Interrail pass. See http://www.interrail.eu/interrail-passes/pass-benefits/benefits-spain for more details.

Ibiza - Map

At just 45 miles from end-to-end, nothing is ever very far away in Ibiza. That said, there are some places better suited to partying than others. Most of the northeast of the island (Portinax, San Miguel, Cala Llonga) caters more for families and older couples, not exactly the best place for you and 20 of your friends looking for a wild time! Santa Eulalia provides a nice middle ground, suited to couples looking to escape the madness while still offering good links to the clubs. For the ideal clubbing experience though, there are basically three major options: Ibiza Town and Playa D’En Bossa in the south, and San Antonio in the north. All the island’s major clubs are located in the three towns, aside from Privilege and Amnesia, which are located roughly at the halfway point on the main road that crosses the island.

Ibiza Town

The island’s capital city, a melting pot of international cultures, with everything from ancient buildings to the celebrity sightings. Accommodation ranges from uber-expensive hotels, down to cheap and cheerful hostels, with pretty much everything in between. Also home to the island’s major port, where you can catch a day ferry to the islands various beaches, or watch the super-rich mooring in some of the world’s most expensive yachts.
Clubs – Pacha
Beaches – None, but plenty a short walk or bus ride away. Talamanca (just to the east) and Figueretas (just to the west) are often included as part of Ibiza Town and have their own sandy beaches.
Bars – Too many to list, but vary from the ultra-cheap to the mind-blowingly expensive.
Splurge Hotels – Hotel Mirador, La Torre del Canonigo, El Hotel Pacha
Budget Hotels – Hotel Roberto Playa, Hostal Europa Punico, RocaMar Hotel

Playa D’En Bossa

Playa D’En Bossa is a long “strip” which stretches from the western edge of Ibiza Town (Figueretas), right the way to the airport. Fronted by a two-mile long sandy beach, Playa D’En Bossa offers everything from all day beach parties (including the world famous Bora Bora) to several of the island’s most popular clubs. Accommodation is cheap and plentiful, but PDB is also home to some 5-star luxury in the shape of Ushuaia and the neighbouring Hard Rock hotel.
Clubs – Ushuaia, Space, Sankeys, DC-10 (outside town on the airport road)
Beaches – The town is basically one long beach! Plenty of sunbeds for hire, endless watersports, and a shallow enough slope you can be 50 feet from the shore and still stand with your shoulders above the water.
Bars – Bora Bora, Sands, Nassau, and plenty of other little beach bars. A personal favourite is the tiny wooden beach hut in front of the wasteland between the Hard Rock and Club Bahamas hotels.
Splurge Hotels – Hard Rock, Ushuaia, Garbi Hotel & Spa
Budget Hotels – Jet, Bora Bora, Mare Nostrum

San Antonio

Located on the north coast of the island, the opposite side to Ibiza Town and PDB. Despite something of a reputation for the more “lively” holiday makers, the town still offers plenty of quiet respite within walking distance of the action and excellent transport links to the rest of the island. Crucially, the San An side of the island faces the sunset, for many one of the most important Ibiza experiences, with the world famous sunset strip and cafes playing host to the almost religious experience.
Clubs – Eden, Es Paradis
Beaches – Man-made beach in San Antonio harbour, various fantastic coves a short boat trip away.
Bars – The famous sunset cafes, Café Del Mar, Mambo and Savannah are the centre of the action. Kanya offers a great alternative a little further along the promenade. The (in)famous “west end” offers plenty of cheap ways to get drunk, and is nowhere near as bad as some stories will have you believe! Also well worth a visit is Ibiza Rocks House, better known as the legendary Pikes Hotel. The pool bar was the setting for Wham’s Club Tropicana video–and the 500-year old Ibiza institution also played host to Freddie Mercury’s 41st birthday party, cited as the wildest the island has ever seen, culminating in a fireworks display some say could be seen from neighbouring Mallorca…
Splurge Hotels – Bellamar, Blau Parc, Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes
Budget Hotels – Hotel Gran Sol (our personal favourite), Orosol, Hostal Valencia

How To Get Around

Ibiza - Road Sign

Plenty of regular services all over the island. The “disco bus” service also runs all night, with regular connections between the major resorts and clubs at just a few euros each way. See Ibiza Bus (http://ibizabus.com/ibiza/?lang=en) for more info.

Decent roads and plenty of cheap hire options. Beware of the speed traps (I was bang to rights for a grand total of 100 euros on the way back to the airport last year) and take care—the death rate is no-where near as bad as it once was, but the accidents in summer are still plentiful and often horrific. If on a bike or quad, wear a helmet, avoid shorts and t-shirts (Google Image search “pavement burn” if you don’t believe us – it’s not nice) and check your insurance–most travel insurance doesn’t automatically cover injury on motorbikes/quads.

Plenty of regular services from the major resorts to the island’s beaches every day. Also worth a trip is the crossing to the small neighbouring island of Formentera, home to some of the best beaches in Europe. If you’re a millionaire stuck with piles of cash that need spending, you can charter any number of speedboats and even small motor yachts at various locations on the island.

Ibiza - What To Bring

Many would argue all you need to bring to Ibiza is a free sprit, but we’ve put together a list of the essentials so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything.

Travel Insurance
As Sankey’s owner Dave Vincent recently made clear, travel insurance is possibly the most important thing you should buy before you go. If you’re injured or taken ill, costs will be phenomenal (possibly tens of thousands of Euros) and you might even be unable to get home. Travel insurance is very cheap, and for EU citizens, an EHIC card isn’t enough on its own.

Sun Cream
We love a bit of sun, but at the height of summer, it’s pretty intense. A nasty case of sunburn or sunstroke can ruin your experience and put you out of action for days, so break out the factor 30 before you hit the beach.

Stylish Clothes
We’re not a fashion magazine, but it pays to make sure you look the part, and more importantly, feel comfortable. Despite what you may have read, Ibiza isn’t about the chic and trendy–anything goes really, no one is judging, and the more lavishly/unusually dressed have even been known to get into some clubs for free. Some nights such as The Zoo Project even encourage fancy dress. The sea is also nice and warm most of the time, so some decent swim gear is a must, unless you’re heading to one of the nude beaches, in which case you can let it all hang free…

As you’ll discover, a lot of Ibiza ain’t cheap. Theft is very rare, but keep cash to a minimum by using cards. A Travelex Cash Passport (https://www.travelex.co.uk/services/cash-passport) is an excellent way to keep your money safe and keep track of your spending.

Ibiza runs on 230v electricity with 2-pin Euro outlets. Travellers from countries which use the same voltage can use simple plug converters, but if you’re from the US, you might need voltage converters. Most laptop/phone chargers accept a variety of voltages, but check before you go plugging in and ruining your gear.

We all hope we’ll get lucky when on holiday, and with the free love spirit of Ibiza, you’ve as good a chance as anyone else. What you don’t want is something nasty to take home with you, so be sensible and use your head before you get down and dirty.

A bit of the language
Technically Catalan is the official language of Ibiza (and no, it is not similar to Spanish, at all!), but most people speak Spanish too. Of course, with such an influx of tourists, most locals also speak English, with German, and increasingly, Russian also widely spoken in the more touristy areas. Learning a bit of the local lingo isn’t going to take long though, and will always be welcomed.

An open mind
Throw away your preconceptions and inhibitions at the airport. Ibiza is a life-changing experience for those who embrace it, so go in with an open mind and enjoy yourself to the full–you’ll certainly not regret it.

What NOT to take

We don’t want to be spoil sports, but some things are definitely best left at home.

Plenty of people are in prison in Spain for drug offences and your consul office won’t be able to get you out, so do not attempt to take drugs through ports or the airport. If you are going to indulge while you’re there, we can’t stop you, but be extremely careful with what you’re taking, with whom, and under no circumstances get involved in any drug dealing, no matter how lucrative the reward might sound. Such stories of people getting stung in drug smuggling operations are largely urban myths (and tall tales from those looking to get off serious drug trafficking charges), but on the off chance you are propositioned, just walk away.

An attitude
The days of drunken Brits brawling on the streets of San An are long gone, and violence is thankfully extremely rare among the fun loving crowds in Ibiza. That said, boozed-up kids and hot weather sometimes don’t mix. If anyone tries to start trouble with you, just walk away. Even if you’re just playing mediator and trying to break up a fight, the Guardia Civil might still throw you in the cells with little care for your true intentions.

The Clubs

Amnesia Ice Cannon

There’s plenty to choose from when it comes to the clubs, and it’s a little confusing at first. Put simply, each club has different promoters on each night, so some are wildly different from one night to the next. Each has it’s own charm and quirks though, so before we get into who’s playing on what night, here’s our rundown of exactly what clubs are on the island.

San Antonio

Es Paradis
A huge pyramid on the sea front. Full of lavish Renaissance-esque design, and flooded once a week for the famous Fiesta Del Agua water parties. One of the oldest clubs on the island, a little dated in parts, but well worth a visit.
Notable Nights – Clockwork Orange, Hed Kandi, Fiesta Del Agua

One the island’s newest clubs, with a multi-million euro refurb before the 2013 season. A disastrous take-over by Gatecrasher in 2014 saw the club close early in the season, but the Eden name is back for 2015 with plenty of talent to follow.
Notable Nights – Judgement Fridays, Colors Festival

Benimussia Park
An abandoned zoo that never really opened, now home to the unique and crazy fancy-dress antics of the Zoo Project. Also hosts the Captured Festival which takes place this year on Sept. 6 with a huge host of trance DJs, most of whom mingle freely with the crowd between their sets–certainly a must for trance fans.
Notable nights – Zoo Project, Captured Festival

Playa D’En Bossa

Sister to the original Manchester club, Sankeys features low ceilings, a cool lighting rig and a pounding sound system. Sankeys is often touted as a “real” clubbing experience by island veterans, and is hot, sweaty, and loud–just like Ibiza should be. A major coup for 2015 is the We Love parties moving to Sankeys after a 17-year stint at Space.
Notable nights – We Love, Shelter, Tribal Sessions

A 5-star hotel with an open air club in the middle. The swanky nature of the island’s newest club, and a return to daytime open-air clubbing, has attracted a huge number of big names over the past few seasons, with 2015 no exception. The club does have a slightly unusual atmosphere, with the hotel suites sitting right next to the dancefloor and a pool that looks good in photos but acts as an annoying obstacle in reality. But with a million miles of headroom and the planes thundering into the airport just feet overhead, it really is something special to club outdoors in Ibiza.
Notable nights – ASOT, Revealed

Voted the world’s #1 club two years in a row, and with good reason. A proper Ibiza club experience with multiple rooms, plenty of atmosphere, decades of history and something new to discover with every visit. The opening and closing parties (which see a stage built in the car park) are legendary, and the rest of the season sees a host of some of the island’s most popular nights.
Notable Nights – Carl Cox, Enter, Full On

A little outside the town, right at the end of the airport runway. Tiny capacity, and often rammed to the rafters. A true after-hours Ibiza club, with parties often continuing well into the following morning.
Notable Nights – Circo Loco, and plenty of well-known DJs playing unpublicised parties—go along and be surprised!

Ibiza Town

The original Ibiza club, Pacha opened in 1973 and is now a truly global brand. Uber-exclusive VIP culture has taken the charm off in recent years, but it’s still an Ibiza institution that deserves a visit. Beautifully decorated with plenty of indoor foliage, the club oozes cool and style from every wall.
Notable nights – Aoki’s Playhouse and David Guetta’s Fuck Me I’m Famous (for the showboaters); Pure Pacha and Solomun +1 for the purists.

San Rafael

(the halfway point on the motorway between San An and Ibiza Town)
The original superclub. Two massive rooms, amazing soundsystems, and of course, the famous ice cannon, which blasts the dancefloor with nitrogen and causes the sweltering dancefloor to plummet in temperature by as much as 20 degrees! The terrace floods with sunlight as dawn breaks, while the VIP area is far less exclusive than most on the island, with the price for balcony access often a relatively small premium on the regular ticket price. Home to some of the island’s most established and must-visit nights.
Notable nights – Cream, Cocoon

The world’s largest club, with a capacity of 10’000, this aircraft hanger-sized behemoth is a sight to behold. Originally open-air and known as KU, Privilege has been host to some of the island’s biggest nights over the past few decades. Sadly under utilised in recent years, Privilege still plays host to a few events in the cavernous main room, with the smaller (yet still as big as some other clubs) Vista room, with its views across to Ibiza Town, playing host to various nights across the summer.
Notable nights – SuperMartXe, Life In Color, Connect

The Bars

Bora Bora

There are literally hundreds of bars on Ibiza, with some so big and featuring such big name DJs that they’re nearly clubs, down to tiny little venues that remain “secret” despite being insitutions for decades. It would be impossible to list them all, so here’s our top picks to get you started:

Bora Bora, Playa D’En Bossa
You’ve seen those shots of Ibiza in videos, documentaries, TV shows, and even films, the ones of people dancing by the beach as a plane thunders past the blazing sun, right? That’s Bora Bora, the original Ibiza beach bar open from early in the morning until well into the early hours. Famous for its daytime parties which rocket up a gear as the sun sets, Bora Bora is a great alternative to the more expensive clubs.

KM5, San Jose
On the road between the airport and San Jose (by the 5km marker of course) is the legendary KM5. The incredibly glamorous gourmet restaurant is a little on the expensive side, but the bar plays host to some major names, and the design of the place is worth the trip alone.

Nassau, Playa D’En Bossa
Down at the quiet end of the beach, almost half a mile from the hustle and bustle and situated near one of the islands many ruined watchtowers, Nassau is peace and tranquillity in a modern setting. Home to its own fashion boutique and recently having spread to take over the neighbouring Sands (now known as Nassau Tanit Beach), this is a place to see, and be seen.

Kanya, San Antonio
A little further around the seafront away from the main sunset cafes is Kanya. Top tunes, well-priced drinks, and a fantastic atmosphere rule throughout the day. Later in the night when the majority have gone to the clubs, it becomes a little more chilled-out, with live music a regular feature–decent food too, and a great place to buy your club tickets.

Sa Trinxa, Sas Salinas
Right at the bottom-tip of the island, past the super-cool Las Salinas beach, lies a proper piece of Ibiza history. No uber-expensive culture here, this is a little Ibienco institution, with good food, good beats, and a crowd looking for a good time rather than a place to pose on the sand.

Blue Marlin, Cala Jondal
Located on one of the islands prettier beaches (and that’s saying something), the relative newcomer Blue Marlin is a cross between bar, restaurant, and club. It’s got something of a VIP culture about it, but with parties going on until 4 a.m. and the likes of Spanish techno wizard Dosem resident this summer, it’s well worth a trip.

El Carmen, Cala d’Hort
OK, so this one is technically a restaurant not a bar, but the paella is to die for, and the setting is something else. See our beach guide as to why.

Tropi, San Antonio
A tiny little bar set in among the tackier of San Antonio’s establishments, the Tropi “trance bar” is a true diamond in the rough for trance lovers. Pounding out some proper uplifting tunes any time of the day or night, the DJ booth is sometimes open to anyone who can provide some decent tunage, and plenty of the genre’s finest names have been known to turn up and have a go unannounced! It’s also a great place for some decent cheap drinks and good company, just don’t let the secret out….

The Beaches

Cala D'Hort

As with the bars, a full list of Ibiza’s finest strips of sand would run into hundreds of pages. So here’s our choice of the best to get you started, but don’t forget to get exploring to find plenty of hidden gems. Many can only be accessed by car, some only by boat. The limit is almost your own imagination.

Cala D’Hort
Let’s get this one sorted first and foremost–this is the beach you need to make an effort to visit while on the island. Located down a long and winding road on the island’s north coast, Cala D’Hort faces the mystical island of Es Vedra. Myth and legend say this is the location of the ancient city of Atlantis, but even putting folklore aside, it’s a foreboding sight, especially as the sun is setting. The beach isn’t bad either, but the rock it faces is what makes it really special. One thing to remember though–Es Vedra is bigger and further away than you think, so don’t try to swim to it!

Las Salinas
Located beyond the salt flats on the island’s southern tip (after which it is named), Las Salinas is home to the rich and famous for the duration of the season. The beautiful white sands and shallow, crystal clear water make it a haven for everyone, though. There’s even an official nude beach right at the far end.

Sa Caleta
Actually, it’s two small coves backed by deep, red cliffs. The sand is said to have healing properties, so don’t be surprised to see locals rubbing themselves in handfuls of the cliffs before washing it off in the sea. It’s even backed by a little restaurant with a tree-covered area almost so peaceful, you’d be forgiven for falling into a blissful coma. Located yards from the airport (though well away from the flight path), this is the place to get stuck if you miss your flight… and the one after that.

Cala Bassa
On the north coast, but actually facing east in a protected cove, this place boasts stunning sands and clear waters even by Ibiza standards. Home to a couple of beach bars, plenty of watersports, and easy to get to using public transport, this is one to pitch up at early and spend the day at.

Accessible only by car or boat, quiet periods at Benirras are almost otherworldly. At the far end, you’ll often find the hippies and their tribal drum rhythms accompanying the sunset. There’s also a few brilliant little restaurants, and the odd market springs up in peak season.

The Nights


So this is what you’ve all been looking for, the guide to the enormous variety of clubnights Ibiza has to offer. While we can offer up a healthy taste of what the island has to offer over on each day of week, for a full listing, head on over to our good friends at Ibiza Spotlight and their week-by-week guide of who’s on when.



Circo Loco - DC10

Cocoon, Amnesia
The original techno party, headed up by German and Ibiza legend Sven Vath. This is one of those nights you really have to see to believe–proper underground, quality music.
Notable DJs – Sven Vath, Adam Bayer, Hot Since 82, Eats Everything


Circoloco, DC10
If you’re going to do DC10, go to this night. Mad, wild, and always full of surprises, don’t be concerned if you find yourself here well into the next morning–you’re just doing it right.
Notable DJs – Seth Troxler, Apollonia, Nina Kraviz. Most line-ups are lengthy and remain “TBC” until a few weeks before, but this is one of those places where the lineup really doesn’t matter.


Full On Ibiza, Space
Ferry Corsten’s Full On brand comes to Space for the second year in a row. With a bumper lineup of some of trance’s biggest names along with a load of new faces, this is one not to miss for uplifting fans.
Notable DJs – Ferry Corsten, Aly & Fila, Cosmic Gate, Orjan Nilsen


David Guetta’s Pool Position, Ushuaia
Yes, the pun is terrible, but the new addition to David Guetta’s Fuck Me I’m Famous parties brings with it a whole host of some of the biggest big-room names around. A must-see for fans of the more mainstream side of the island.
Notable DJs – David Guetta, NERVO, Afrojack, Nicky Romero



Carl Cox - Space

Together, Amnesia
If you’re from the UK, listen to BBC Radio 1, and find yourself in Ibiza looking at lineups filled with unfamiliar names, Together comes to the rescue. Full of the more bass-heavy and commercial end of dance music in Amnesia’s main room, there’s an odd juxtaposition as Defected move their long-established Ibiza party into the Terrace on the same night.
Notable DJs – Rudimental, Chase & Status, Pendulum / Terrace (Defected) – Pete Tong, Gorgon City, Groove Armada


Fiesta Del Agua, Es Paradis
The water party at Es Paradis is an Ibiza institution. While not home to any big name DJs, this is still a must-visit for any serious Ibiza clubber as the beautiful interior becomes the world’s most stunning water park for the night.


Tribal Sessions, Sankeys
Old school Sankeys at its best, Tribal Sessions is a taste of the original Manchester club on the White Isle. Run by the club themselves, an uncommon tactic but one that works very well, Tribal is all about the music.
Notable DJs – Argy, Jozef K, Secondcity, Dusky


Hardwell’s Carnival, Ushuaia
The world’s #1 DJ returns to Ushuaia with his friends in tow for another season of big room anthems and hands-in-the-air electro house. One for the “EDM” generation, the continued success of the night and indeed Hardwell himself shows the style isn’t going anywhere.
Notable DJs – Hardwell, Afrojack, Dannic, W&W


Connect, Privilege (Vista Club)
Another new trance night on the island, featuring a host of massive names. Also hosting a boat party every Monday. Despite it’s status as a newcomer, this night has attracted some serious bookings, for a lineup across the season that rivals some of the most established trance nights on the island.
Notable DJs – Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, Bryan Kearney


Carl Cox – Music Is Revolution, Space
For those in the know, it seems a bit silly listing anything else on a Tuesday, as Coxy at Space is something that everyone who goes to Ibiza has to experience at least once. The popularity of this night is such that it actually affects flight prices from the UK. Join Carl and his Revolution alongside some of the biggest names on the Ibiza scene spread across five whole rooms.
Notable DJs – Carl Cox, Sasha, Adam Bayer, Yousef, Nicole Moudaber… the list is endless.




Martin Solveig presents My House, Pacha
Long associated with the island and its longest running club, French star Martin Solveig is stepping things up a gear for 2015, with a whole host of nights featuring some of the biggest “future house” names currently on the scene.
Notable DJs – Martin Solveig, Laidback Luke, Zeds Dead, Dillon Francis


Life In Color, Privilege
Making full use of Privilege’s main room, Life In Color was built for a club of this scale. The enormous paint party sees gallons of the brightest tones thrown around the crowd, to the beat of some pretty big name spinners.
Notable DJs – R3hab, DVBBS, Cedric Gervais, Borgore


We Love, Sankeys
After nearly two decades at Space, many Ibiza veterans were surprised to see We Love move not only to a different club, but also from their traditional Sunday spot. We Love Wednesdays at Sankeys looks set to carry the torch for the brand though, with some serious names lined up across the summer.
Notable DJs – Sasha, Gorgon City, Rudimental, Hannah Wants



Cream, Amnesia

Cream, Amnesia
Little more needs to be said aside from the two words “Cream” and “Amnesia”. Long associated with some of the most memorable nights on the island, the Liverpool-based brand returns for another stellar lineup featuring a pleasing mix of the trance they were originally known for and some more modern house cuts over in the terrace. Ice cannon at the ready, this could be the biggest season for the brand yet.
Notable DJs – Above & Beyond, Paul Van Dyk, Eric Prydz, Sasha, Pete Tong


Fuck Me I’m Famous, Pacha
David Guetta’s original night on the island. Expect glamour, famous people, and plenty of crowds, a bit like his Pool Position parties, but inside and at night.
Notable DJs – David Guetta, Chuckie, Nicky Romero


ENTER., Space
Richie Hawtin’s own party on the island has only been around since 2012, but it feels like a proper Ibiza institution already. Taking over the full gamut of Space’s many rooms, the event starts at 9 p.m. and features some serious techno grooves. Hawtin himself also mingles among the crowd for the first few hours, handing out free shots of sake–a nice touch.
Notable DJs – Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex, Maya Jane Coles, Plastikman


A State Of Trance, Ushuaia
Armin van Burren returns to Ushuaia for a second season of massive trance anthems as the sun sets over the pool and pyro. The good news for trance fans isn’t just the utterly enormous line-up, but also the fact it finishes at midnight, giving you plenty of time to hop on the bus to Cream, creating a night so full of trance your head might just explode.
Notable DJs – Armin van Burren, Andrew Rayel, Aly & Fila, Orjan Nilsen



Supermartxe, Privilege

Music On, Amnesia
Marco Carola’s techno extravaganza returns to Amnesia for another season. Don’t be leaving early on this one, as the party doesn’t get properly going until after the sun streams through the terrace.
Notable DJs – Marco Carola, Jamie Jones, Richy Ahmed


Judgement, Eden
Judge Jules’ ever-present Judgement brand returns home to Eden after a year away for more stonking trance tunes down on the San An harbour front. True to his underground trance roots, a lack of big names is a good thing here with plenty of exciting up-and-comers on the bill each week.
Notable DJs – Judge Jules, EDX, Third Party


SuperMartXe, Privilege
A full-takeover of the world’s biggest club for Spain’s biggest club night. SuperMartXe is packed full of the live entertainment, effects, and theatrics that made Manumission so famous in the ‘90s. A must-visit for the performance aspect alone, it’s also a mental party you’re bound to love.
Notable DJs – Abel The Kid, Alex Guerrero, Javi Reina


Glitterbox, Space
Glitterbox offers a splash of disco vibes on the Space Terrace to end the week with some nu disco names mixing with some old-school house classics. Featuring some of the best known and loved names from the past decade, this is Ibiza history in a club night.
Notable DJs – Todd Terry, Joey Negro, Fatboy Slim, David Morales



Zoo Project

Matinee/Foam & Diamonds, Amnesia
OK, so let’s get this out of the way with–yes, this is the one Paris Hilton plays at. That said, foam parties are always a laugh (sadly, no diamonds are fired into the crowd) and over in the Terrace, Matinee provides one of the most popular nights on the island for both the gay crowd and the local Spanish population, so you’re in for a fantastic night without even setting foot in the Main Room while Ms. Hilton is playing.


The Zoo Project, Benimussia Park
It’s pretty much what it says on the tin: a party in an abandoned Zoo. You can go wild in what was once a seal pit with the DJ booth on the other side of the pool, and even get your face painted–though cool tribal patterns are the norm, you can probably ask to look like a lion or tiger if your inner-child fancies it. Fancy dress isn’t compulsory, but strongly encouraged, and you’ll be in plenty of good company. There’s also the Noah’s Ark boat parties running every day before the party kicks off–going on in pairs not a requirement…
Notable DJs – Maribou State, Paul Woolford, Mark Farina


Pure Pacha, Pacha
Pacha like it used to be without the showboating big-name DJs. Still with an air of exclusivity, you’ve at least got room to dance freely at this one, with some true Ibiza legends to take you through the night. Due to the weekend, and the fact Saturday is traditionally a quieter night on Ibiza, this one is popular with locals, so expect a more chilled crowd than at some of the bigger nights.
Notable DJs – Todd Terry, Felix Da Housecat, Armand Van Helden, Bob Sinclar


Ants, Ushuaia
On Saturdays, the island is crawling with ants. Fear not, because these black-jumpsuited guys are just promoting Ushuaia’s own in-house party. Ants is a welcome taste of the underground at a club dominated by the biggest names in the world, and for the start of proceedings attention is turned to a smaller DJ booth rather than the enormous stage. You’re even allowed to dip your feet in the pool.
Notable DJs – Andrea Oliver, Route 94, Los Suruba, Joris Voorn



Solomun+1, Pacha

House Of Madness, Amnesia
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike bring their own brand to Amnesia’s Terrace for another season, headlining every party but with plenty of other big names also on the bumper lineup. Expect lots of pyro and champagne popping. Meanwhile, gay-friendly La Troya keep things a bit more stylish and glamorous over in the main room.
Notable DJs – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Diplo, Fatboy Slim, NERVO, Nicky Romero


Repent, Eden
A techno night in San Antonio might seem brave to some, but Eden’s latest addition has a healthy lineup and should go down a storm among the younger, techno-thirsty crowds, especially on one of the quieter nights of the week.
Notable DJs – Marco Bailey, Stefano Noferini, Pig & Dan


Solomun+1, Pacha
Back to basics at Pacha as Solomun goes back-to-back with some seriously big names for some down and dirty beats–just what you want on a Sunday evening! With the DJ booth moved to the middle of the dancefloor, this one is all about the crowds and the music, rather than the names on the bill, impressive as they are. Though Solomun often goes it alone for the whole night.
Notable DJs – Solomun, Dubfire, Pete Tong, Sven Vath


Avicii, Ushuaia
Perhaps the least inventively named night on the island sees Mr Tim Bergling return to Ushuaia for another season of big room house hits with a poppy edge alongside some equally massive names and plenty of impressive pyro and production. Likely to be popular among the young British contingent, it certainly beats watching the Antiques Roadshow and dreading the commute to work the next morning.
Notable DJs – Avicii, Laidback Luke, Fedde Le Grande, The Chainsmokers, Zedd