Nov 15, 2011
LessThan3 Pres. Luke Da Duke
Karl Jenkins - Palladio (Luke Da Duke Remix) [LessThan3]

One of LessThan3’s main missions is to expose great music, no matter if it comes from the superstars or the little guys just getting started. Alongside that mission we have also launched our own label with the goal of presenting to the world talent that is sealed with our stamp of approval and more importantly, pioneers who will take the EDM we know and love and push it into new interesting dimensions, forging the future of the genre and the industry as a whole. You’ve heard of Kid Alien and Starchild, but today it is my esteemed pleasure to introduce the newest member of the squad, dropping his debut EP on LessThan3: Luke Da Duke.

This 19 year-old talent showed up on LessThan3’s radar after submitting his music to our demo team. We receive an enormous amount of material through that channel, but Luke Da Duke separated his sound with a unique, humorous approach to bass music. His take on the sounds of electro house and dubstep are downright quirky, and his use of rapid melodies and 8-bit synths give his music just enough spice and flavor to make it distinguishable from the crowd and simultaneously fit right in.

The EP drops on 11/17 on Beatport, but we’ll be providing it on the pulse for full streaming on that date, so be sure to check back for it. To give you a taste of what’s to come, and to celebrate 40,000 likes on Facebook, we have a free download for you guys: Luke Da Duke’s Palladio dubstep bootleg. Get it here (right click and “save as”), stream it above, share with your friends, and help us get the name of Luke Da Duke to the masses. Thanks for spreading the <3!