Jul 18, 2013
LessThan3 @ Lightning In A Bottle 2013
Griz - Smash The Funk (Original Mix)
Ulrich Schnauss - I Take Comfort In Your Ignorance (Tycho Remix) [Scripted Realities]
Daughter - Get Lucky (An-Ten-Nae Remix)


Last weekend, we had an outstanding first experience attending The Do Lab’s annual Lightning in a Bottle music and arts festival. Taking place this year at Lake Skinner near Temecula, CA, the expansive grounds were wonderfully decorated, and there was no congestion, and the good vibes were all around. In every direction, there was some kind of delightful art installation, people performing impressive yoga, or painters creating works of art on-the-fly. The vegan food served was also both healthy and delicious, especially compared to most other festivals’ food choices. Additionally, I was very happy to see the culture of Burning Man thriving so well at this SoCal retreat.

Lightning In A Bottle festival 2013

They had three primary stages: Woogie stage for deep house music and techno, Bamboo stage for bass music, and the Lightning Mainstage for a mix of both, in addition to live bands. Each had its own sound system too, which made it fun for audiophiles to compare the three. Woogie had Funktion-Ones, Bamboo had Meyer Sound, and Lightning had PK Sound. All three were awesome, but I have to say Meyer Sound was king for not not only sounding clean, but also delivering exceptionally strong bass. Basically, although it was really loud, I wasn’t scrambling to stuff in my earplugs.

Lightning In A Bottle festival 2013

Whereas many big festivals book a lot of the same names, the musical talent at Lightning in a Bottle was very different from the huge, international headliners whom we’ve come to expect from other events. My favorites on Friday were the dirtybird players sets by Worthy and Christian Martin, the performance by Emancipator, who was accompanied by a live violinist, and of course, the mesmerizing dance performances by the Lucent Dossier Experience.

lightning in a bottle 2013 Lucent Dossier Experience

On Saturday, I was really impressed by the live sets by Nicolas Jaar and Kastle, who premiered an upcoming single with Ellie Goulding, and most of all, GRiZ, who was the absolute highlight of my night and rocked the stage hard with his saxophone.

 GRiZ Lightning In A Bottle festival 2013

And finally, on Sunday, I would like to commend Lee Burridge, Tycho with his band, and An-Ten-Nae, who turned up the crowd with an wicked trap set and also shared a soft moment with his own cover of the “Daughter Version” of Get Lucky by Daft Punk (Free Download). Overall, we would like to give major props to The Do Lab for crafting their own style and putting such outstanding effort into production and setting a unique lineup. We’ll definitely be back next year.

Lightning In A Bottle festival 2013