Apr 30, 2013
LessThan3 @ Lee Burridge, Sound Nightclub
Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge - Holding On (Original Mix) [All Day I Dream]
Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge - Lost In A Moment (Dixon Rework) [Innervisions]
Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge - Fur Die Liebe (Original Mix) [All Day I Dream]

Sound Nightclub is fresh and doing right by LA; the vibes last Friday in Hollywood for Lee Burridge were on point. Being my first time there, I was very impressed with how everything about this club was setup. I heard a lot of things about it but it wasn’t until I witnessed their production for the Yuma tent at Coachella this year that I knew I had to stop by. Not only was it easy to get around using the side hallway but the effects were perfect–the dim lighting fit the mood, go-go girls were coated in fluorescent paint and doing yoga in cages around the stage, and most of all the wooden walls produced outstanding acoustics; what they say about the sound system here is true.

sound nightclub

Droog was warming up the room when we got there with some laidback tech house that set the tone nicely. Next, around half past twelve, the champion of the night Lee Burridge made his way to the stage. I had my expectations set pretty high after having heard so much about him, like his outstanding sunrise set at Burning Man; he had a mark to hit but I was hopeful seeing that the crowd he brought out was very chill, including a few burner girls that showed up in full Playa gear.

lee burridge sound nightclub

Perhaps we were ready at this point, perhaps we weren’t, but Lee Burridge then plunged us into the deep end; the room was under hypnosis. The tracks he played this far into the night toyed with the mind and struck the heart with incredible bass. Lee’s final tracks were more on the progressive side, as he served up beautifully melodic grooves like Lost In A Moment and Fur Die Liebe, the track that originally piqued my interest in his work. When the clock struck four it was clear that nobody wanted this party to end, as the dancefloor was as packed as ever and he gave us another 13 minutes of pleasure before the club had to call it a night. Definitely a must-see artist, don’t miss your chance if he comes to your town.

lee burridge sound nightclub