Jun 29, 2011
LessThan3 @ Flying Lotus LA
Flying Lotus - Massage Situation [Warp]

A few nights ago (6/23 to be exact) I was lucky enough to see one of my all time favorite artists perform in his hometown of LA at famous venue The Music Box. He’s an experimental producer that needs no introduction–Flying Lotus. Known the world over for pushing the envelope of electronic and hip hop music, his performance was nothing short of extraordinary. It was particularly interesting because it was his label’s (Brainfeeder) party and several of his label mates were there. The bass player from Thundercat and a drummer even performed live on stage with him throughout the whole show!

When FlyLo plays, he doesn’t stop for a second. The man was switching between songs so fast I sometimes had trouble telling the songs apart from each other. He would mix between his classics, like Massage Situation and Camel and then play his newer stuff like Zodiac S**t and Do The Astral Plane, all the while adding in improvised effects and drum beats. His skill and technique was definitely something that cannot be easily imitated by other DJs, and served to show just what an accomplished musician he is. The only complaint I would say I had about the whole show was that the crowd was a little too stolid for my tastes. But, I suppose the fans were just very chill, or perhaps “enlightened” at that point. Either way, it solidified my belief as Flying Lotus being one of the best producers in the game.