Nov 29, 2011
LessThan3 @ Fall Massive
Lazy Rich - You Missed a Spot (Original Mix) [Big Fish]
Tittsworth & Alvin Risk - Porcacheese (Original Mix) [Plant]

The festival scene has been on the up and up as of late, with multi-artist shows popping up all across the country. Some festivals are small. Some are large. Some are Massive. Just this past Saturday, LessThan3 attended Fall Massive in DC so we could give you the inside scoop.

LessThan3 is no stranger to tent-parties; the acoustics of bass bouncing under a festival tent is one of my favorite sounds and feelings in the world. However, hosted at the RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C., Massive was so large that they had to erect a tent city on the outside of RFK to accommodate it. Resting only a few hundred yards from the stadium itself, a pentagon of tents (a tent-agon?) would play host to this raging electronic music extravaganza. The tents were arranged in a circuit–you could walk around in circles forever. It was like a jungle in there with the music blaring. I was happily surprised by how comfortable the atmosphere was. Cold air from the outside mingled with body heat from the inside to create a very comfortable party environment. Though I heard mixed things from festival-goers, I, for one, liked this setup.

The lineup was banging. The setlist didn’t go up until just before the show, but I took that as encouragement to go early, lest I miss anything spectacular. This wasn’t necessarily a bad move, either–most of the show was spectacular. My only complaint is that at one point during the night, several of the tents had their volumes dropped, and… we like loud music. Perhaps this was to accommodate for more “headline-worthy” artists in the other tents, and if so, kudos, Massive. Still, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that there has to be a better way around this. Loud music is our lifeblood at these shows, and Dirtyphonics doesn’t bang nearly as hard at half volume.

In any case, the show was great, and the artistic presence there was phenomenal. I saw a ton of great acts, some anticipated, others surprising, and all fantastic. I wanted to pick a favorite tent out for you all, but it just proved to be too hard. Each tent had its own vibe going, and they each had their own elite lineup. Some noteworthy performances that we saw were Zedd, Moby, Lazy Rich, Tittsworth, Diplo, Mord Fustang, MightyFools, and Sidney Samson. Tha’ts not to say that the other acts weren’t noteworthy, but these were the ones that I felt defined the festival. I think that my favorite part of the show was when Tittsworth was spinning in the Ultraworld Pavilion with an entire entourage getting down on stage, including a very enthusiastic raver in a gorilla suit. While questionably professional, I dug the “house party” vibe, and his set banged hard. Still, though this was my favorite snippet of the show, I’ve gotta give runner up to Sidney Samson and MVP to Zedd. He played crowd favorites, his transitions were tight, and he spun the tracks right. I never thought I’d be dancing to a track from The Legend of Zelda at an EDM festival, but now that I have I can say with confidence that my childhood is complete.