Mar 15, 2011
Lend Your
Eco - A Little Help From My Friends

Our love for Otographic Music has us writing about Japan a lot, but this time, it is on a much sadder note. I’m sure that all of you LT3ers have heard about the catastrophic conditions persisting in Japan for the past week. Starting with the biggest earthquake in Japan’s history, the country has since suffered a series of extremely unfortunate events spanning from volcanic eruptions to tsunamis and the now prominent risk of a nuclear meltdown. These events have left over 500,000 people homeless, with very few resources.

With that being said, LessThan3 is calling upon the communal aspect of our readers as well as the rest of the EDM community to build support for those suffering through these horrific circumstances. For many of us, the terrible situation in Japan is out of sight, but in no way should it be out of mind. These people truly do need our help, and it’s time for each and every one of us to step up and give something to show our support. Yes, LT3 and the EDM scene in general have wonderfully defined communities, but at a time like this we need to step back and see that we are all one big global community, all one people.

The American Red Cross is a nonprofit organization that has been helping people since 1881. In the wake of this disaster, the ARC donated an initial $10 million to the Japanese Red Cross in ongoing efforts to supply medical care and general relief to the people of Japan. Although that may seem like a huge amount of money donated, it’s truly a small amount when dealing with over 100 billion dollars in damages. We hope that all of our readers are able to take some time out of their day, to either donate to the American Red Cross, or research and give other forms of support to those suffering in Japan.

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