Jul 22, 2012
Lemon & Einar K Move Up, Bit By Bit
Lemon & Einar K pres. Capa - Bit By... (Original Mix) [Armada]

Normally when a production team uses an alias or project name, it marks a strikingly different production style or something they want to separate from their earlier body of work. The thing is, Norwegian producers Lemon & Einar K have consistently remained an uplifting trance power duo even as trance shifts and changes around them. So when they presented their new single Bit By… under the name Capa, on Armada’s A State of Trance imprint, I was bracing myself in anticipation for something I might not necessarily like. Consider me wrong.

Bit By… is a fantastic piece of uplifting trance with a satisfyingly energetic bassline, a soaring break melody, and one of the more creative uses of vocal sampling I’ve heard in a long while—abstract syllables of what sound like both male and female vocals play against one another, as if they’re in a back-and-forth conversation that only they can understand. Of course, I could be reading into it too much, and it might just be vocal samples that are pitched in different timbres to create variety, but that’s the beauty of a fully fleshed-out track—every listener can get a different interpretation out of it. And this interpretation is nothing but beautiful.

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