Mar 09, 2013
Lemaitre Keeps It Relative
Lemaitre - Continuum (Original Mix) [Substellar]
Lemaitre - Fiction (Original Mix) [Substellar]
Lemaitre - Cut To Black (Original Mix) [Substellar]

Lemaitre is one of the few groups that just doesn’t put out bad music. The Norwegian duo of Ketil Jansen and Ulrik Denizou Lund have only been producing as Lemaitre for two and a half years, but I think it’s safe to say that these guys really know what they’re doing. Comparisons can be drawn to groups like Daft Punk, Justice, or Phoenix, but they deserve more than just comparisons–Lemaitre is legendary all on their own. The third installment of their Relativity series of EPs, Relativity 3, has just released and, no surprise, it’s fantastic. Fans of Relativity 1 and Relativity 2 will likely notice a progression in Lemaitre’s sound. They’re beginning to focus more on songwriting and vocals, and it’s clearly paying off.

Starting things off is Continuum, a disco/electro track featuring affectionate piano chords and driving vocals that help this song jump from uplifting to hard-hitting and back again effortlessly. Iron Pyrite keeps things happy and delightful with a fantastic hook, old-school funky chords and cool guitar play, and the off-beat bass works wonders with the vocals. Fiction ups the tempo and is the perfect track for parties as a sexy guitar meets sparkling, dream-like synths–fans of Passion Pit or MGMT will love this one. Concluding the EP is Cut To Black, a laid back groove highlighted by smooth, bright melodies.

As an added bonus, check out their remix of Easy by Mat Zo & Porter Robinson, to be released in April.

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