Oct 01, 2014
Lee Foss & Anabel Englund Take Over Sound Nightclub
Lee Foss & MK feat. Anabel Englund - Electricity [Hot Creations]
Hot Natured feat. Anabel Englund - Reverse Skydiving [FFRR]

I haven’t been to Sound Nightclub’s Framework events in a little while, but last Friday night I re-discovered the magic that takes place on these nights. I came for the Lee Foss Modern Amusement set, and I left with a reaffirmation that this is my favorite Hollywood nightclub.

sound nightclub lee foss 08

Sound Nightclub made some terrific improvements to the club. They brought the shark-shaped disco ball that they hung inside their sponsored Yuma tent at Coachella 2014. They swapped the side of the club that the stage is on so that there’s more room on the dancefloor. I was never too fond of the large, restricted VIP section behind the stage; it’s a bit more egalitarian now, which fits well with the deep house vibes and culture.

sound nightclub lee foss 02

I’ve considered Lee Foss to be a master of the decks since I first saw him at Burning Man. He takes his time easing into a set, and he produced an outstanding buildup with his track selection. The Hot Natured DJ had everyone going wild on Sound Nightclub’s dancefloor with a mix that varied from soft vocals and funky basslines to hypnotic synths and thumping beats. He never disappoints, and many fans stayed until it closed around 4 a.m.

sound nightclub lee foss 05

The real treat of the evening was the mesmerizing live performance by Anabel Englund. She’s a real favorite of ours at LessThan3, and she was all dolled up in a glitter-glazed, space-age one-piece. The talented singer made our night when she got on the mic to sing Electricity and Reverse Skydiving. I’ve rarely seen crowds this ecstatic.

sound nightclub lee foss 01

I topped off the evening with a free Sound Nightclub T-shirt from the silk screening machine out in the smoking area. This isn’t the first time that I’ve gotten free merch here. This aspect of Sound Nightclub really adds to its unique style, talent, and vibes. It attracts a different type of clubber than the rest in Hollywood, and if you haven’t been yet, be sure to check out their upcoming calendar of events.

Photography by Rony’s Photo Booth

sound nightclub lee foss 04

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