Sep 15, 2015
Le Youth Remixes ‘Embrace’ For His Second Goldroom Remix
Goldroom feat. George Maple - Embrace (Le Youth Remix)

To follow up on his Angeles remix from 2012, Le Youth (pictured) takes on another Goldroom hit, this time remixing Embrace featuring the vocals of George Maple.

Obviously no strangers to each others’ work, and having played some B2B sets together, this Embrace remix seems not only inevitable, but an ideal snapshot of these LA producers’ continuing musical connection. Staying true to his lush, ’90s house flavor, Le Youth sets his remix in motion with a driving four-on-the-floor beat to offset George Maple’s unfailingly powerful voice. Reverbed vocal phrases ornament the rhythm in place of Goldroom’s original synth work while a playful interlude midway elevates the energy to create yet another dance floor heater from Le Youth.

You can see the two producers play B2B again this October at San Diego’s CRSSD Fest, but until then hear more from from Le Youth at his SoundCloud here.

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