Nov 06, 2014
Le Youth Gets ‘R E A L’ With Brandy’s Vocals
Le Youth - R E A L

When it comes to track titles, Le Youth likes to keep many of his to a short four letters. Following Girl and his breakout hit C O O L, he is back and sampling Brandy’s I Wanna Be Down for his latest four-lettered track, R E A L.

Released earlier today via his SoundCloud, Le Youth takes this R&B classic and pitches Brandy’s vocals down past recognition while dialing up the tempo. Rather than let the opening lyrics play out in a typically smooth R&B fashion, he chops up the phrases between strategic piano stabs and, of course, adds in a classic house beat to serve as an energetic foundation.

The added interlude midway, using unidentified female vocals, takes this track one step further to prove that Le Youth is a producer’s overachiever when it comes to sampling tracks to make them completely his own.

No word on an official release, but get more Le Youth on his SoundCloud here.

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