Dec 03, 2013
Le Youth Is Hearing Disclosure’s ‘Voices’
Disclosure - Voices (Le Youth Remix)

Le Youth took a serious piece of UK garage magic and transformed it into a funky house jam with his latest release, a remix of Disclosure’s Voices.

The Los Angeles DJ adds a pulse of energy to the track by upping the tempo and inserting piano chords. Sasha Keable’s original vocals remain intact but receive a little revamping with some deep synths. The remix offers the nostalgic ’90s appeal that’s become a trademark of Le Youth (aka Wes James), who rose to popularity earlier this year with his hit C O O L, a sophisticated jam that samples Cassie’s Me & U with the perfect amount of R&B-influenced flair. He continues to keep it fresh with his version of Voices, a pop-infused melody that screams danceworthy.

Check out the track on SoundCloud, and pick it up when it releases as part of the Voices single package along with Wookie’s remix.

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