May 16, 2011
Laugh in the Face of Sunrise
Slugabed - Heck Flex [Ninja Tune]
Slugabed - Tomorrow Morning [Ninja Tune]
Slugabed - Donky Stomp [Donky Pitch]

Slugabed: A person who stays in bed past the time that a normal person would consider appropriate.

Chances are, if you listen to EDM, you can relate to our boy Slugabed on this one; nights out at the club or just wonking out with friends to the beat seldom invite an early rise from bed. Slugabed’s beats are unique, glitchy, and melodic. Juxtaposing arpeggiated laser-bass with elements from genres spanning the EDM spectrum, Slugabed creates an epic glitch hop experience. Having been recently signed to exalted record label Ninja Tune, you know this dude’s got something good to bring to the table. Often dropping tracks alongside fellow producer Ghost Mutt (who is also worth checking out), Slugabed fills an otherwise large void in the genre of glitch hop.

Moonbeam Rider, Slugabed’s second EP of 2011 and his first on Ninja Tune, is a killer. His brand of space-age funk carries you up into the stratosphere, and then sends you, somewhat ironically, gently hurtling back to earth in an envelope of EDM badass-itude. Tracks like Heck Flex and Tomorrow Morning get you bobbing your head in a kind of trance that can only be likened to driving down a highway listening to music you love, while some of his older tracks like Donky Stomp are a testament to just how unique Slugabed’s sound is, and how true he stays to it.

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