Feb 03, 2011
Late Night Lovin'
Late Night Alumni - It's Not Happening (Kaskade Remix) [Ultra]
Late Night Alumni - One More Chance (Kaskade Remix)

Kaskade has added his remixing touch to his band Late Night Alumni. For those who aren’t familiar with the band, they’ve been active since the middle part of the past decade. Their sound combines dance music, strings, and trancey vocals from lead singer Becky Jean Williams. The music, as you would have guessed from their name, is perfect for a late night party. Becky’s soft vocals, pure and gentle as they are, give off a certain aura of quiet, sensational power. Combined with the band’s talent, everything comes together perfectly in a sound that keeps you going into the early AM. Sound familiar? Well, it comes as no surprise that Kaskade uses this same formula. Let’s take a closer look into some of his late night remixes.

First up, we have a remix of the band’s brand new single It’s Not Happening from their upcoming album Haunted, set to drop on February 8th. The sexy beats and melodic synth are on par with Kaskade’s usual stuff, but what I think makes this track shine has got to be the vocals. He manages to take that one sample and make it the driving force behind the whole song–not an easy feat. This one just bangs, plain and simple.

One More Chance has had some difficulty getting released, so Kaskade was kind enough to give it away for free on his SoundCloud. Again, this song matches the same chill, warm sound that you’ve come to love with big room bass. It sounds a bit more laid back than It’s Not Happening, and I could see this one being dropped earlier in a set before things get more intense. Both tracks are great and deserve your attention if you’re a fan of Kaskade, Late Night Alumni, or just house music in general. Enjoy!

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