Oct 05, 2011
Late Night Alumni Announces Tour
Late Night Alumni - In the Ashes [Ultra]
Late Night Alumni - Main Street [Ultra]
Late Night Alumni - No or Yes [Ultra]

Progressive electronica band Late Night Alumni has just announced that they will be touring. The band is well-known for having Kaskade as one of its members, and they love delivering indie bliss, most recently with their album Haunted. Their sound is a fusion of chill electronica and “hauntingly beautiful” vocals from singer Becky Jean Williams. Up until now, they have been strictly a creative band with emphasis on production. However, fans raised over $24,000 to help them tour–an indication of just how supportive their fanbase is and how much they are dying for a LNA tour. You can see the video on their Kickstarter account here.

Although the tour dates have not been announced yet, the band has begun rehearsal and is even taking suggestions for setlists on their Facebook Page. Also on their page is an exclusive mix of Becky’s work that the band put together. I’ve attached three great songs from Haunted for you to enjoy until the tour. Stay tuned for the tour dates!

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