Sep 28, 2012
La'Reda's Prehistoric Boom
La'Reda - Synthasourus Rex (Original Mix) [Black Hole]
La'Reda - Risk Everything (Original Mix) [Black Hole]
La'Reda - Here We Go (Original Mix) [Black Hole]

Meet La’Reda: an LA-based electro power duo consisting of Brion Charles and Nathan Barbour. The two have been working together since 2010 and have produced eleven originals and three remixes over the past two years. You might be asking yourself, what makes them so special? La’Reda has managed to stay true to their own unique sound in a genre overpopulated with robot synths and unbearable sound imitations. They just released their incredibly addicting new EP on Black Hole Recordings featuring two brand new tunes, Synthasourus Rex and Risk Everything.

Synthasourus Rex is an absolute synth monster. From the euphoric big room chords to the deep, glitchy bass, each element packs a heavy punch in its own unique way. I’m sure T-Rex himself would gladly welcome Synthasourus to the family with this kind of genetic makeup. Risk Everything is arguably their heaviest release to date. Following the intro’s steady wobbles and the melody’s uplifting synth play, we are blessed with a huge drop and an even bigger bassline. La’Reda completely outdid themselves with these bass-heavy masterpieces so make sure to pick up the EP on Beatport, crank up your subwoofer and enjoy.

Aside from the EP, La’Reda has been gracious enough to give away one of their tunes for free! Here We Go is the epitome of what Charles & Barbour are all about–“the insane… in all its forms.” Pick up this free download from their SoundCloud and show them some love on Facebook & Twitter.

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