Nov 21, 2013
Lange’s Lucky People
Lange - Imagineer (Album Mix) [Lange]
Lange feat. Stine Grove - Crossroads (Percussive Mix) [Lange]
Lange feat. Betsie Larkin - Insatiable (Club Mix) [Lange]

Lange’s third studio album has certainly been much anticipated. The idea, as he explained to us early in the year, was to spend the year “presenting the album” which would then “culminate in the final product”. It’s certainly a tactic which paid off, with singles such as A Different Shade Of Crazy and Our Brief Time In The Sun being well received over the summer. However, unlike so many dance music albums, the finished product is not simply a collection of hits with some b-side filler. While this isn’t totally unheard of–various albums released this year can share the same accolade–where We Are Lucky People really stands out is again in how it is presented.

Split over 2 discs, the first is the one we’re really interested in. This is where the original works are nestled in one continuous flow of music, making the whole disc a musical journey. However, that doesn’t mean to say the tracks sound similar, far from it, because there are various styles at play here, some quite radical. There’s the ambient yet atmospheric intro version of We Are Lucky People, driving progressive trance with some cool vocal samples in Imagineer, an acoustic version of Risk Worth Taking featuring vocals from Susana, acoustic instruments mixed with trancey synths in Betsie Larkin collab Insatiable, and future club classics such as our previously featured exclusive Superstars.

The second disk features the club mixes, though it isn’t as simple as whacking the tempo up as is often the case–Lange demonstrates a canny ability to make two very different mixes of the same track. Crossroads, featuring Danish vocalist Stine Grove, is an ambient, almost experimental piece on the first disc, with a feeling it retains here as part of a bouncy big-room anthem. There’s also a feel of that classic Lange sound at play, in the extended mix of Superstars with its epic supersaw lead, the club mix of Fireflies featuring vocals from Cate Kanell and some synth arps straight from 1999, and the club mix of title track, which is progressive trance at its finest.

We Are Lucky People is out now via the usual outlets and stands out as an example of how dance music remains fresh while keeping certain constants. The club classics are as in demand as ever, but a well written song is just as welcome. We Are Lucky People provides both, and it shows just how diverse the EDM scene is.

If the album wasn’t enough, enter the We Are Lucky People contest now for a chance to win various prizes, including VIP tickets to Lange’s various tour dates.

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