Jan 23, 2013
Lange Rewrites History
Lange - Hold That Sucker Down [Lange Recordings]

British DJ and producer Lange has spent 15 years at the forefront of the scene, with an impressive career that shows no sign of slowing down. Now he’s taking a trip back to his formative years, with a remake of the massive Q.T Quartet rave anthem, Hold That Sucker Down, originally released in 1994.

It’s hard to improve on a track such as this–the massive hook is instantly recognizable to a whole generation; what Lange has done here is quite clever, subtle, and improves on the original without compromising it. The haunting string arrangement and the epic main riff are still the basis of the track, but the arrangement is beefed up, the synths and drums are more modern, and the bass drives the track with more prominence, making the whole thing sound as current as the original did nearly 20 years ago.

Most encouraging though is the fact that although it remains, in essence, a track from the mid-90s, it was a major hit during Lange’s NYE set in San Francisco and is seeing similar reactions from the big-name DJs currently playing it out. It’s perhaps symbolic that a track and a producer who were a prominent part of the rise of EDM in the UK and Europe are now a part of the current explosion of the EDM scene in America and indeed across the world, almost like history is repeating itself. Hold That Sucker Down is out now as a Beatport exclusive and perfectly coincides with Lange’s US Tour, which starts next week.

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