May 30, 2012
Lange Goes All Out
Lange & Gareth Emery - This Is All Out (Heatbeat vs Andy Moor Remix

It’s a time-honored tradition in electronic music to mash up tracks and confuse the hell out of listeners–just when you think you recognize the song that’s starting to play, a different synth or vocal blindsides you. But mashups rarely see a life outside of being mid-set stunners.

Trance veteran Lange breaks tradition with a formal release of the collision between two of his best-loved collaborations: the Heatbeat remix of This Is New York with Gareth Emery, and the vocals from Andy Moor’s remix of Let It All Out featuring Sarah Howells. Aptly named This Is All Out, the track is dominated by Heatbeat’s remix, driven by their trademark relentless bassline. Sarah’s voice is a well-balanced counterpoint to This Is New York’s recognizable melody, and the classic Andy Moor vocal cuts & chops keep this mashup from veering into cliché vocal track territory. The end result is much more than the sum of its parts.

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