Jun 23, 2010
Landlords Beware!
Analogue - Crystal Gypsy (The Squatters Remix)

I’m not sure if UK house duo, The Squatters, are referring to the act of crouching, or someone who occupies land without legal permission  (according to the dictionary  – yes I looked it up).  Either way, these guys are really good, and you should definitely check them out.  They may be unknown in the US dance market right now, but I have a feeling they have a very bright future ahead of them on an international level. 

Although they’re from the UK, their sound is more closely associated to Italian-style fidget house in the likes of Crookers and Gigi Barocco. It’s hard to pigeon-hole these guys though, because they’re so effective in blending other forms of house, dubstep, hip hop, and trance into their productions. Their work is truly refreshing. Apparently, they’ve also been partnering up with a vocalist and beatboxer named Dutch Courage in their live shows. Sounds pretty cool! The track below blew me away the first time I heard it.  Along with some of their other tracks, “Crystal Gypsy” combines soul vocals with chopped vocals along with a healthy dose of intense breakdowns.

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