Dec 31, 2012
Lana Del Rey Runs The Trap
Lana Del Rey - Video Games (Sound Remedy Remix)

Don’t be scared off by the genre; not all trap is about gangstas and grillz. Chilled out, soulful trap music certainly exists, and one of the best to do it is Chicago-born producer Sound Remedy. He decided to take his turn remixing one of the biggest songs of the year, the breakout smash Video Games by Lana Del Rey, and he more than does it justice.

The original is an absolute classic, something you can play five years from now and it will still sound fresh and incredible. It also happens to have been one of the most remixed songs of the year, so Sound Remedy had to be original. I’m a huge fan of trap, but I would hardly call it “beautiful” music. Nonetheless, that’s exactly what we have here. The remix is extremely polished and feels both warm and soothing–a great combination to help you kick back and vibe. Lana’s lovely and airy vocals perfectly complement the bubbly and vivacious synths. Not only is this a great testament to Sound Remedy’s talent, it’s also a boost to the fast-growing trap scene. Pick up the song for free on Sound Remedy’s Facebook.

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