Sep 12, 2010
Lake, Lys, Line
Chris Lake & Marco Lys - Violins (Original Mix) [Rising]
Chris Lake & Marco Lys - Cross The Line (Original Mix) [Rising]

We’ve raved about Chris Lake for quite some time; in fact, he was my personal favorite of Electric Zoo 2010. Every single time I’ve seen him he has decimated the crowd with a solid mix and excellent tracks. We’ve covered him a good deal, most recently with his single with Michael Woods, Domino’s–a track most worthy of your listening. A few days ago Chris Lake released a new track in collaboration with Marco Lys, a name that I personally was not previously familiar with. Turns out that Lys (as he goes by) is Venice-raised and has been around for 20+ years, producing a bunch of top hits. Further digging also revealed that this is far from the first track that has been a collaboration between these two artists. For your listening pleasure I also posted Violins, which is a unique track if only for the fact that it uses violins (surprise!) as the main component. It’s beautiful and uplifting and I’m very glad to have found it even if I may be late to the game.

Anyway–enough background. The new track coming from these two is called Cross the Line, and I am here to tell you now: get excited. It’s got signature bits from both artists written all over it, each lending their own elements to the track in harmony to create a house banger that is going to be enormous when dropped in live settings. From the get go, Cross the Line puts you right into a familiar foot-tapping groove as we progress to 2:30 where we get what I can only describe as a Swedish House Mafia-style epic piano extravaganza. Seems to be all the rage these days–and with good reason; these tracks get dancefloors hot and bothered with electrified, emotional dancing. Leave it to this duo to surprise us with a fresh new absolute bomb drop at 3:10. If you could turn that drop into a pill it would be prescribed to induce spontaneous get-down syndrome.

Here’s to finding a continuing supply of these pills in a store near you! Pic credit to irelandprincess at!

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