Jan 16, 2011
Laidback Luke Goes Latino
Laidback Luke & Gina Turner pres. Nouveau Yorican - Chiuso (Original Mix) [Defected]

Bachata guitar. Laidback Luke. Gina Turner. What do they all have in common? Absolutely nothing! Just kidding–New York resident Turner and Dutch house superhero Luke have formed a new little project called Nouveau Yorican and their recent track, Chiuso, is an absolutely fresh house banger of epic proportions. Surprised by every single detail written so far? So were we. Fortunately, this little marriage has resulted in quite a beautiful new piece of music for us all to enjoy.

Chiuso is what would happen if we took traditional Latin music played in a small village and threw it through a time warp ten years into the future. It’s got bachata guitar and somewhat familiar Latin melody mixed with new school production techniques and some serious flare. Together these elements are going to make dance floors explode. I almost feel like there should have been Latin vocals to complement the rest of the style of the track, but Turner’s vocal loops definitely fit the overall attitude of the song. I’m pretty sure we’ll be hearing this one for a long time to come–a house anthem indeed.

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