Sep 10, 2010
Laidback Bootleg
Jay-Z feat Swizz Beatz - On To The Next One (Laidback Luke Bootleg)

If you’ve been following house music this year, you know that dutch producer Laidback Luke is the DJ to watch. His originals and remixes alike are played by basically every electronic DJ, and there’s a very clear reason why. Laidback Luke (born Luke van Scheppingen) isn’t just dynamic in the sense that he can produce and mix multiple genres; he’s dynamic in the sense that he very closely follows (and these days represents) the constantly changing standards of the masses. He understands what you want to hear, and gives it to you wrapped like you’ve never heard it before. That’s the magic of Laidback Luke.

Released two days ago on Luke’s blog is a fresh bootleg of Jay-Z’s track, On To The Next One. This track shows exactly how the Dutch prodigy is able to blur the lines between genres. Even if rap isn’t your thing, I urge you to check this song out at least until the gnarly electro beat dropped after the 2:30 mark–I’m sure you’ll be sold. Luke’s been dropping this track all around the world lately, destroying festivals and dancefloors alike.

Keep an eye out for a LessThan3 interview with Laidback Luke, coming to a computer screen near you!

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