Dec 09, 2015
LA Won’t Be Banning Dance Festivals After All

Dance music festivals won’t be banned in LA, despite proposals by city officials to prevent future events taking place in the wake of two drug-related deaths at HARD Summer earlier in the year.

The deaths of two women–Tracy Nguyen and Katie Dix–occurred at the event on Aug. 1, and as the Pomona venue is owned by LA county, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors proposed a ban on future events taking place on publicly-owned land. However, the Los Angeles Electronic Music Task Force has decided a ban isn’t necessary, and has announced a raft of recommendations to ensure deaths do not occur again.

The 55 points set to be given to the Board of Supervisors before the end of the year will suggest things such as increased police presence, the use of sniffer dogs, better access to free water, and perhaps most crucially, a program to educate people on how to stay safe if they do take drugs, rather than simply threatening arrest and/or prosecution.

Janine Jordan, the head of the Electronic Music Alliance, helped with the proposals and said of the news, “I think this is a win. There’s a benefit to having the government approve this first. We will probably use this as part of the system to help educate and work with promoters.”

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