May 14, 2014
La Roux Announces New Album With ‘Let Me Down Gently’

It’s been five years since the release of La Roux’s wildly successful self-titled debut album. The English electro-pop group have set a release date for their new album, Trouble in Paradise, and released the first single off the record titled Let Me Down Gently.

Best known for their breakout single Bulletproof, La Roux’s immediate success was seemingly short-lived. Although frontwoman Elly Jackson is the face of the project, producer Ben Langmaid was originally the brains behind the beats. According to NME, Jackson confirmed on BBC Radio 1 that she worked with Ian Sherwin to co-produce Trouble In Paradise. Whether or not this means Langmaid is out of the picture is unclear. Either way, fans have been rewarded for their patience with the new single Let Me Down Gently.

While Let Me Down Gently is a more lackadaisical number than the likes of say, Bulletproof, the track is a synth-fueled dreamscape of moony melodies and commanding beats. The song is topped off with Jackson’s rich but powerful vocal additions and the gratuitous sax that carries out the track.

Trouble In Paradise is out July 7. Pre-order the album on iTunes here.

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