Aug 04, 2015
LA May Ban EDM Festivals On County Land After HARD Summer Deaths

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to launch a full investigation and consider a ban on electronic music festivals on county-owned property today in response to suspected drug-related deaths of two attendees at HARD Summer.

Autopsies are still pending, but officials from the Department of the Medical Examiner-Coroner said they believe the two young women, aged 18 and 19, died of drug overdoses while at the event Aug. 1-2 at the Fairplex in Pomona, Calif., which is owned by Los Angeles County.

ABC7 reports that The Board approved a motion set forth by Supervisor Hilda Solis that will launch a full investigation into the two deaths in addition to pursuing new community outreach and entertaining a temporary ban on electronic music fests on County property in the meantime. Solis announced her plan at a press conference Aug. 3, during which she said that the Board will review the safety requirements placed on similar events after the death of a 15-year-old girl at Electric Daisy Carnival in LA in 2010. County attorneys told ABC7 they are deciding whether or not HARD was following such contractual safety obligations.

“I want to provide a safe environment for everyone to enjoy. No one should have to lose their life while attending a public concert,” Solis said during the conference.

The incidents were also the topic of discussion during the Aug. 3 Pomona City Council meeting, during which council members John Nolte and Debra Martin both expressed concern that the ban could become permanent if officials are not satisfied, according to a report from SGVT.

“The music festival may never return to Pomona,” Martin said.

These incidents total four for HARD in three years after 21-year-old Jonathan Reyes died from a ruptured aorta in 2013–which was later ruled to be non-drug-related–and the death of 19-year-old Emily Tran in 2014, who was confirmed to have died from acute MDMA intoxication. Both HARD and county officials now turn their attention to the upcoming A Night At Fairplex Sept. 10 and wish to resolve the issue before then.

Watch ABC7’s coverage of the press conference below, and check back for updates.

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