Aug 06, 2010
LA Electro Attack!
BetaTraxx feat Kendahl Gold - Foxtrot (Kids at the Bar Remix)
BetaTraxx feat Kendahl Gold - Foxtrot (Lightsover LA Remix)
BetaTraxx feat Kendahl Gold - Foxtrot (Original Mix)

The growing popularity of electro in the West Coast is really exciting – not only are the raves getting bigger and better, but it’s also leading to a grassroots movement for homegrown artists. This is perhaps most apparent on the blogosphere, where unknown artists seem to regularly come out of the fold with deadly tracks. One of the best blogs representing the LA scene is GottaDanceDirty, an excellent site run by local DJs and enthusiasts.

GottaDanceDirty does a lot more than post cool tracks. The site covers a lot of events and promotes some great artists in the LA area. Recently, they’ve expanded their blogging duties to incorporate a management team for up-and-coming artists in the LA area. Their first client is BetaTraxx, formerly known as Redlight, a young electro DJ from Santa Barbara. Although he’s relatively unknown at the moment, I would be surprised if his name isn’t up there with LA Riots and Designer Drugs by the end of next year.

One of his newest tracks, Foxtrot, exemplifies Betatraxx’s strength as a creative producer who’s willing to expand the lines between electro and other subgenres. In an interview, he stated “I took a lot of time on Foxtrot. Every little blip and synth was constructed just for that track (obviously I guess), but I really took a lot of time making everything work together so that 4 different synth sounds can be playing at once but you only hear the song as a whole. Also I couldn’t be happier with the lyrics and the way Kendahl [Gold] sung them. Every line just reminds me of a different aspect of the music I listen to and culture I enjoy.” Well said. I’ll let the music do the rest of the talking.

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