Sep 01, 2012
LA Dreams
Dreams - Don't Care Bout Her (Original Mix)
Dreams - Wasted Time (Original Mix)
Dreams - Inlove. (Original Mix)

Fusing the sounds of the UK underground with some genuine LA flavor, California’s very own Jesse Pimenta aka Dreams is standing proudly on top of his own sound. Born in Rio De Janiero, the young producer caught my attention earlier this year with a beautiful gem called Don’t Care Bout Her. The percussion is crisp, the bass flows deep, and his touches on the vocals (sampled from He Wasn’t Man Enough by Toni Braxton) make them simply irresistible. You can grab it here for free off the Absent Fever compilation Generation Y Not.

Recently Dreams decided to celebrate earning 2,000 followers on his SoundCloud by giving away a soothing new garage tune called Wasted Time. It uses chill pads, cute vocal samples, and spacey melodies to setup a very relaxing vibe. Also known for retro funk, last fall he released the Feelings 4 U EP. I simply <3 these carefree tunes, but the one I can't really get enough of is Inlove. Stay tuned for his upcoming Lost Kingdom EP coming out in October.

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