Jan 12, 2012
Kyu Bon: Japanese for Tune!
Artifact - Kyu Bon (Resketch Remix) [Freshmore]

Kyu Bon is a Japanese term used to describe a woman’s figure whose direct translation means “small, big.” It is also the name of a Buddhist festival held during the summertime in Japan. To the fans of up-and-coming Bristol-based producer/DJ Artifact, Kyu Bon is the name of Artifact’s latest EP, out on newly formed Texas label Freshmore Records. Freshmore released a podcast from Artifact during the first quarter of 2011, and it was only a matter of time before they wrangled in some original content from the rising producer.

Kyu Bon features four tunes: the title track, D.A.R.E., and two remixes by Resketch and HxdB; however, the most surprising work on this EP is the Kyu Bon remix by Artifact’s mate, Resketch. Also from England, Resketch managed to keep all of the intelligent vibes from the original while injecting it with more rhythmical elements that really punch this production straight through the stratosphere. The delicate vocal sample is properly mangled into an unintelligible melody that sprinkles soul all throughout the track. Wait for the second drop if you love bass!

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