Jun 05, 2011
MSTRKRFT - Beards Again (Original Mix)
MSTRKRFT - Back in the USSA (Original Mix)

The men who helped shape electro into what it is today are back in action. MSTRKRFT has returned with two brand new jams, Beards Again and Back in the USSA. I guess I’m not sure quite how to say this, but I’m happy to have the old MSTRKRFT back. These dudes are the whole reason I started DJing, and every time I listen to these tracks, I hear the sound that was pioneered by them on The Looks–the sound that got me into electro in the first place. These dudes revolutionized the market, and here they are to do it once again in a completely different way.

The first track on this EP comes as a bit of a shock. Beards Again is an electro rock fantasy with melodic guitars mixed with heavy beats. Probably one of the coolest combinations I’ve heard this year. Traditional MSTRKRFT analog synths and edgy metal guitars mashed together–certainly what a beard would sound like to me.

The B-Side, Back in the USSA, starts out like Beards but eventually shuffles the synth line with a repeating clap, building into an extremely housey section. Then, get prepared for MSTRKRFTs laser synth-fueled buildup and drop. I can’t wait to hear this tune played out; it’s the type of late night tune that makes the club enter a drunken frenzy. MSTRKRFT’s new tracks are available for a free download here.

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