Sep 30, 2014
Krewella’s Rainman Kicked Out, Suing For $7 Million

Kristopher “Rainman” Trindl has officially been kicked out of Krewella several months after he stopped appearing as part of the trio’s live shows. As a result of his dismissal, Trindl is now suing his former bandmates for an alleged $7 million.

Rainman co-founded Krewella with sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf back in 2010, quickly gaining a reputation as something of a party-animal. A descent into alcoholism ended with a trip to rehab in 2013, but interestingly enough, his resulting sobriety is the supposed reason for his departure. It is alleged that the clean and rehabilitated Rainman was accused by his bandmates of being “depressed” and was no longer part of the party image that helped their rise to fame.

The full legal complaint paints a complex picture around who controls the group and their finances, but it makes clear that Trindl believes his sacking is actually financially motivated. As the legal action looks set to rumble on, Rainman already has at least one prominent supporter: