Nov 25, 2013
Krewella, Headhunterz, Kids Of The World Unite For New Video

Krewella and Headhunterz said bring me your taunted, your misunderstood, your ridiculed, and let’s have a party, damnit!

As the visual accompaniment to their underdog anthem United Kids Of The World, Krewella and Headhunterz highlight some potential use cases for the inspirational, anti-bullying message, including some Twitter hate directed at Krewella, themselves.

From homophobia to mean girl-style locker room bullying, the video offers a glimpse into the daily struggles some face due to intolerance across the globe. Luckily, Headhunterz hops on the Twitter horn to Krewella, and he’s all, “Hey girls, screw these idiots. Let’s dance in their faces.” So it all works out in the end.

Pick up your copy of the tune here.

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