Oct 12, 2013
Krewella Gets Drenched With A Lawsuit
Krewella - Troll Mix Vol. 5: Get Wet Edition

Krewella has had quite the rise to fame over the past year, accelerated by the recent release of their debut album, Get Wet. However, the trio recently got cast in a bit of an unfavorable light after allegations of stiffing two former managers, Barbara Kennedy and Terry Casey.

After Kennedy and Casey signed a six-year contract in October 2011 with Krewella, Yasmine, Jahan, and Rain Man quickly took flight as the managers fostered the talented group into one of today’s hottest electronic dance groups. Between their deal with Columbia Records and their international tour, many are now wondering why the three decided to drop Kennedy and Casey as managers in March 2012, with five years left on their contract and, allegedly, only an email from the group saying how they were ready to “move on.” In order to make up for the abandonment, Kennedy and Casey are demanding 20 to 25 percent of commission on all of Krewella’s income until 2016, which would have marked the end of their contract.

The group’s attorney, John Rosenberg, went on the record as saying that “these allegations are entirely without merit and Krewella looks forward to vindicating their position in court,” Showing how much gray area there might be in this whole fiasco. So, for all the Krewella lovers out there, before jumping to conclusions, let’s wait to hear the full story.

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