Oct 23, 2011
Kraddy's New Anthems
Kraddy - The Holy Avenger
Kraddy - Iron Man
Kraddy - Operation Prometheus

The god of glitch, aka Kraddy, just dropped his brand new full length, Anthems of the Hero. As if you didn’t expect it already, the album drops a serious punch. But this isn’t your typical grimey set of big room beats that you’d expect from Kraddy. Well, it is, but with a twist–every track on here was inspired from ’70s rock and psychedelic. How’s that for your glitch addiction? Kraddy had this to say about the artistic process of the album: “My first thought was to combine the soul and vibe of classic ’70s rock recordings and production style with the wizardry of modern digital editing. I incorporated many of the same recording techniques used by bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to recreate that classic ’70s vibe.” What he’s come up with are eleven tracks of hybrid, forward-thinking glitch rock.

In typical Foo Boi fashion, I want to go over the general highlights of the Anthems of the Hero and leave you the fun of discovering the whole thing for yourself. The first thing worth mentioning is the cameo appearances incorporated into the album. He employed Jon Theodore of The Mars Volta to play drums and Cody Votolato (Blood Brothers, Jaguar Love, and Telekenisis) to play guitar. These two really brought a lot to the table, with much of the album being improvised in jam sessions between the three. Just listen to the chemistry on The Holy Avenger. Even better, check out their adaption of Black Sabboth’s legendary rock anthem Iron Man. That classic intro coupled with the grimiest sounds glitch has to offer makes for a truly rad experience. Finally, Operation Prometheus has one of the deadliest drops I’ve heard all year, yet varies the pace nicely with live instrumentation.

If you’re going to check out one glitch album this year, it’s got to be Athems of The Hero. I love it when DJs take on creative projects like these, and it’s done quite well here. Kraddy has proven once again that going solo was a good call on his part; he certainly has the talent and creativity to be a one man show. Kraddy asks only one thing in return: “Play it LOUD!!”

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