Apr 08, 2013
Knocking It Out Of The Park

Sometimes a name is just a name; other times it tells a really cool story. Ben Ruttner and James Patterson, the New York City duo better known as The Knocks, came up with their name after angry next-door neighbors would knock on their door because of loud studio sessions. I don’t know about you, but after listening to their newest remix of Goldroom’s Only You Can Show Me, I’d be knocking on their door to tell them to turn it up.

The remix, featuring the smooth and sexy vocals of Mereki Beach, is the perfect track to pop on while you lounge out in the summer sun. Nu disco fans are going to go wild over this one as a fat, babbling bassline and some seriously sweet synth chords make you forget that the last few months were cold and dark. Grab some sunglasses, maybe a mojito or two, and prepare to get groovy. Don’t forget to check out the duo’s SoundCloud page as well, as there are a ton of free tracks to download.

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