Nov 20, 2015
Knife Party’s Hard-Hitting New EP Will Cause A ‘Trigger Warning’
Knife Party - PLUR Police (Original Mix) [Earstorm]
Knife Party - Parliament Funk (Original Mix) [Earstorm]
Knife Party & Tom Staar - Kraken (Original Mix) [Earstorm]

On their first EP, they blocked you on Facebook. Next, they made you Abandon Ship with a face-melting LP. Now, the blade-wielding bass beast known as Knife Party is about to cause a Trigger Warning everywhere courtesy of their new four-track EP. You’ve been warned, Tumblrinas.

Group member Rob Swire may have momentarily lost his hearing back in July, but it’s clear that he and Gareth McGrillen still have an ear for making “seizure music.” Opening track PLUR Police is a screeching, charging big room banger that puts a creative spin on Inner Circle’s classic ode to Bad Boys. It’s the most formulaic of the bunch, but is sure to prove effective in the festival circuit. Next is Parliament Funk, my personal favorite of the bunch. It’s a slightly darker, moodier offering, but it still retains KP’s signature snarls, wobbles, and biting drops. Next, Tom Staar hops on board the ship to battle the Kraken, a speedy, vocal FX-aided flurry. Closing out the EP is Jauz’ dubstep remix of PLUR Police, which can be viewed here.

Trigger Warning debuted at #1 on the iTunes Dance chart in US, UK and Canada. Pick it up here.

Photo Credit: Rukes

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