Sep 18, 2014
Knife Party Reveals Tracklist For ‘Abandon Ship’

Rob Swire, one-half of the fiendish bassophiles Knife Party, sated the duo’s swarms of fans waiting for the debut LP Abandon Ship with the full tracklist via Twitter.

While the reveal offers intriguing themes and imagery from 404 to Micropenis, Boss Mode and Resistance should ring a few bells, and EDM Trend Machine looks to be a follow-up to EDM Death Machine.

Begin Again caused a stir when it leaked roughly a week ago and was widely described as “channeling Pendulum.”

As for Red Dawn, we can only wait and pray it has something to do with Charlie Sheen and Patrick Swayze fighting off a communist invasion (fingers crossed).

The full album is due out Oct. 27. Pick up a copy of Resistance ahead of the album release date here, and catch KP when they scare the sh*t out of fans as headliners at Insomniac’s debut NY Halloween bash, BOO!. Watch a teaser video at the bottom featuring a short slice of Resistance.

knife party abandon ship LP cover art

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