Aug 26, 2014
Knife Party Offers ‘Resistance’ For Free Ahead Of LP
Knife Party - Resistance (Original Mix)

Knife Party made good on the promise of a free track from their forthcoming Abandon Ship LP today when they sliced off a sample for fans in the form of Resistance.

The tune is a precision-engineered electro house hunting tool with all manner of useful fold-out blades and sharp edges that emerge at various moments to lacerate the ears of its victims with sawtooth synth and bass tones. When combined with the charming vocal sample and a whole heap of lasers and the sort, Resistance exhibits just how Knife Party’s love for sonic violence and ability to execute far outstrips that of their contemporaries–“You call that a knife? This is a knife.”

Abandon Ship is out Oct. 27. In the meantime, grab your free download of Resistance for a limited time here.

Photo by: The Manc Photographer

Hear Knife Party tease another new track with Boss Mode.

knife party abandon ship LP cover art

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