May 06, 2013
Knife Party’s Haunted House
Knife Party - EDM Death Machine (Original Mix) [Earstorm]
Knife Party - Power Glove (Original Mix) [Earstorm]
Knife Party - LRAD (Original Mix) [Earstorm]

Knife Party has returned with their next EP, titled Haunted House, today officially, though it seems as if the Internet didn’t feel like waiting for a full and proper release, as the full thing hit the streets a week early. Haunted House spans four tracks, again more proving that a group as talented as Knife Party doesn’t need to be constantly releasing tunes to be atop the EDM game.

Perhaps the most anticipated track on this release is EDM Death Machine, a track previewed over on Rob Swire’s SoundCloud a few weeks back. Take a few breaths and settle in before you start this track because it’s one of the more devastating house-driven beats you’ll hear this year. Power Glove is everything we’ve come to know and love about Knife Party: ripping and abrasive electro synths with an unforgettable hook. The last of the house material on the EP is LRAD, this most stadium-ready track of the lot. Knife Party freshens up the formula with their unmatched mixdowns and diverse sound palette, clearly inspired by beat-driven tunes like Sandro Silva & Quintino’s Epic and Showtek & Justin Prime’s Cannonball.

These tracks and the long-awaited VIP mix of Internet Friends are out now on Beatport via Earstorm/Big Beat.

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