Oct 14, 2014
Knife Party Shares Deets On Album Delay

Knife Party announced a two-week delay in release for the duo’s debut LP Abandon Ship, citing distribution setbacks beyond their control.

KP’s Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen took to Twitter Oct. 13 to issue an explanation for the pushback, saying while the album is essentially complete and ready for digital sharing, physical distribution lags behind roughly three weeks and must be completed before the material is made digitally available, lest retail stores refuse to stock it altogether.

As much as we’d like to go ahead and say “fuck it, do your worst, you irrelevant old fuckin dinosaurs” … our label and management are unwilling to do that due to the lost sales / precedent it would set.

While the guys aren’t shy about their stance on the issue, they admit their tendency to be perfectionists didn’t help the matter either.

I’ll be clear – we’re not solely blaming the label / mgmt / record stores here, we’ve missed a lot of deadlines while trying to get this record sounding perfect, so we’re at fault too.

The new official release date for Abandon Ship is set for Nov. 10, and as a compromise of sorts, the album will be made available for streaming a week before the new date.

Read the full statement here, and get ready with the handful of already released material from the LP here.

Knife party abandon ship

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