Oct 01, 2014
Knife Party Sparks Lightsaber Party In ‘Begin Again’ Video

Knife Party discovers the previously unknown destructive properties of EL wire in the official video for Begin Again, a sci-fi tale of dystopian conflict and militant resistance driven by… fluorescent bulbs?

Our main characters craft lightsabers from fluorescent tubes wrapped in electroluminescent wiring and throw down in multiple duels made visually stunning by director Elliott Sellers. His five-minute cinematic creation moves in a multitude of dizzying blurs, inventive camera angles, and chilling freeze-frame action scenes that bring the triumphant feels of Begin Again to life throughout the short-yet-complex narrative. One dude even eats the contents of a bulb after getting a quick case of lightsaber envy–not sure he thought that one through.

Enjoy below, and pre-order KP’s debut album Abandon Ship here to get Begin Again, Resistance, and Boss Mode instantly.

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