Oct 25, 2014
Knife Party Displays ‘404’
Knife Party - 404 (Preview)

For Knife Party fans, Nov. 10 can’t come soon enough. For the uninitiated, that’s the release date for their full-length album, Abandon Ship. In the meantime, the dastardly dandies from Down Under have unveiled a preview of 404, a new song off the album.

Clocking in at nearly two minutes, the preview of 404 offers a sneak peek at yet another energetic party anthem from KP. Incorporating glitchy computer sounds and an introductory vocal sample about computers, the song more than lives up to its name. Fierce and frenetic, it features the signature build and colossal drop that have endeared the group to legions of EDM fans.

Abandon Ship releases Nov. 10, and the album will be made available for streaming a week before the date. You can listen to released material from the LP here.