Apr 13, 2012
KJ Sawka's Swinging Free
KJ Sawka feat LaMeduza - Repeating Cycles (Original Mix)
KJ Sawka feat LaMeduza - Run & Hide (Original Mix)

This weekend at Rock & Roll Resort’s Psybient Soiree at Kutsher’s in the Catskills, I got a chance to catch up with EDM’s favored drummer-legend, Kevin (KJ) Sawka. KJ is probably best known for the part he played in Pendulum, where he’s run the drums for the past few years. Right now, Sawka is touring with a couple of the boys from the Disco Biscuits and Chris Michetti as Conspirator, the Biscuits’ production-heavy spinoff band.

His touring hasn’t stopped KJ Sawka from breaking from the beaten path. When he’s not on the road making other drummers look silly, he’s in the studio working on his solo project, an artfully orchestrated work of bass if I’ve ever heard one. Sawka’s expertise shines through in his production. You can hear it right from the beginning in Run & Hide. His newest release, Repeating Cycles (free download here), is the heaviest kind of heavy-hitter. Both stunningly complex collaborations with LaMeduza leave nothing up to the imagination, nothing left to be desired–just some kickass drumstep and bass music.

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