Aug 22, 2012
Kings Of The Underground
Flosstradamus - Underground Anthem (Original Mix)

If you keep hearing the word trap thrown around recently, it’s probably because of artists like Flosstradamus. The duo from Chicago have been tearing it up all summer, leading the way in the trap explosion by dropping kick-ass track after kick-ass track. If you’re looking for music to get a party popping, look no further.

Their newest release, Underground Anthem, contains a bass so heavy it should be criminal, and the looped lyrics and trap-style beat work together to make a massive banger. If you had to take one song to define trap as a genre, this might be it. It just feels like an underground street classic; there is a layer of grime all over this track. Download Underground Anthem for free here as well as their newest mix and get caught in the #BearTrap.

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