Aug 12, 2011
Kingly Chaos in the Night
Knight Riderz - Reign in the Clouds [Muti]
Knight Riderz - Collective Consciousness [Muti]
Knight Riderz - Brain Explosion [Muti]

Like Godzilla stomping toward your city, you can practically feel the bass a mile away. I’m in upstate New York right now, and I certainly feel the bass rattling the air all the way from from Canada–that’s home for Knight Riderz, a duo pumping booming glitch hop beats out of America’s syrupy hat. Their sound would fit in well in a Mimosa set or as an opener for the Glitch Mob, and you’d do well to see them if you ever have the chance. Their new album, 12th Dimension, caught me totally by surprise. Every track’s a killer, and ever sample’s iller than the last.

I think that the sound of 12th Dimension is best epitomized by the track Reign in the Clouds. With its sludgy synths, hip hop vibes, and complimentary samples, this track bumps. I wish I were a hacker so I could tap into the world’s speakers and blast this tune; it’s one of those songs that you just feel like a badass bumping, and it’s just one song off of an album of killers. Alongside Collective Consciousness and Brain Explosion, I’m sure you can see why I’m hyping Knight Riderz so much. I’m just surprised I hadn’t heard them until this release.

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